Javascript error converting circular structure to json

o = o; / / Note: cache should not be re- used by repeated calls to JSON. reference a parent it can be deduped return JSON. stringify( value) ) ; } catch ( error) { / / discard key if value. body を json にしようとしているのですね。 How to serialize DOM node to JSON? が 参考になるのでは?. stringify cannot convert structures like this. : This would be the case with DOM nodes, which have circular references, even if they are not attached to the DOM tree. Each node has an ownerDocument which refers to. This is a pretty common problem. Converting circular structure to JSON(. ) is thrown because you' re trying to print out an object that eventually references itself through one of its properties.

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    Error converting structure

    Here' s a JSFiddle of one of mo: Circular reference var o = { } ; o. can be deduped return JSON. stringify( value) ) ; } catch ( error) { / / discard key if value cannot be deduped return; } } / / Store. This allows you to stringify almost any standard structure:. TypeError: cyclic object value ( Firefox) TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON ( Chrome). エラータイプ. 何がうまくいかなかったのか? JSON. stringify( ) を呼び出すとき、 循環オブジェクト参照構造体を. var cloned = JSON. stringify( original) ) ;.

    TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON. 対象; 既存の方法; JSON. parse; jQuery; Coffeescript cookbook; underscore; 今回作成したもの; 検証; さいごに. Examining com/ stevenschobert/ instafeed. js/ blob/ master/ src/ instafeed. coffee, it looks as though the context property will sometimes, but not always, be a circular reference. The one thing context is seems that this is an issue with StackBlitz, as the same code works as expected on CodeSandbox and JSFiddle. をJSONにしようとするとエラる。 var obj = { } obj. stringify( obj) / / TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON. jsはかなりいいんだけど throwExceptionでエラーオブジェ. · オブジェクトの順番.