Microsoft vbscript runtime error type mismatch

St00f = CInt( Replace( Mid( St00f, ( InStr( St00f, " > R$ " ) + 3), 8), " < / b> ", " " ) ). And that line does these things. InStr that returns the numeric position of the first. Hard to help if I don' t see the data. From quick view of the code the issue is here: CurrID= int( LastID) + 1. You are trying to cast LastID but are you sure that it is convertible? Could list all possible values? Troubleshooting code error 800A000D VBScript runtime error. There is a ' Type mismatch' within your WSCript or VBScript - in other words, a spelling mistake. Also Type Mismatch: ' Join'. Web pages that use VBScript as the client- side scripting language and that use the showModalDialog( ) or the showModelessDialog( ) methods may encounter a " Type Mismatch" script error. Microsoft has identified the. vbscript runtime- error.

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    Mismatch error vbscript

    I am running into the Type Mismatch error when I attempt to call a function I created. Because Variant is the only data type in VBScript, it is also the data type returned by all functions in VBScript. When you perform a numeric comparison or calculation on an adNumeric ( 131) field type using VBScript, the following errors may be returned: Microsoft VBScript runtime error ' 800a000d' Type mismatch. Microsoft VBScript. chances are one of the parameters you' re passing into the DISTANCE function are invalid. Write of each parameter and you' ll likely find that one of them is blank or one of them is the wrong data type. This is your culprit: Function sendData( ByVal iRow) Dim iCol For iCol = 1 To 3 ' B = 2, K= 11 sendData = sendData & vbCrLf & Cells( iRow, iCol). Text Next MsgBox sendData End Function. In VBScript you cannot access. Your error is: Type mismatch: ' UnChkString'. Its not complaining about the parameter being passed its complaining about UnChkString itself. My guess is you have committed the most basic of VBScript programmming goofs,.

    VBScript doesn' t know what Range means. If this was VBA, then it would refer directly to the ActiveSheet of the Application object. You would need to qualify it properly with the application and sheet references ( and as others.