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Which has two columns Id and photo. Id is INT and photo is BLOB. when I try to store image in to mysql database table I am getting Error as TypeError: not enough arguments for format. If you want to follow you approach, try - songs = [ ' a', ' b', ' c' ] for i in songs: cur. execute( " INSERT INTO song ( title) VALUES ( ' % s' ) " % ( i, ) ) # Use commit here or turn auto- commit on. Take a look at this link -. I' m new to Python, and recently I' m trying to use MySQLdb module to access to my MySQL server, the code goes like this. import MySQLdb def convert( value) : if value. startswith( ' ~ ' ) : return value. strip( ' ~ ' ) if not value: value= ' 0'. You have two places where you are incorrectly trying to formating SQL string( s) :. telat= " INSERT INTO presensi ( ID_ Pegawai, Nama_ Pegawai, Jam_ Masuk, Status ) VALUES ( % s, % s, % s, ' Terlambat' ) " ( strID_ Pegawai,. Your query is incomplete: you need placeholders, e. executemany( ) takes a container of containers as its second argument; typically this is a list of tuples.

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    Typeerror python mysql

    Change to: sql = " " " INSERT INTO wine( NAME, RETAILER, PRICE. The problem is that the arguments to the cursor. execute need to be specified as one tuple, not individually. Try replacing cursor. execute( add_ produto, va, input_ date, vc). execute( add_ produto, ( va, input_ date, vc) ). See the MySQLdb documentation. The reasoning is that execute ' s second parameter represents a list of the objects to be converted, because you could have an arbitrary number of objects in a parameterized query. TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting ですと「 文字列の 書式整形で全部の引数が変換対象になっていない」 とのような意味なので、 % s に対応 するものが無いようです。 cursor. execute( " DELETE FROM testtbl. This question already has an answer here: Python MySQLdb TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting 6 answers.

    I' m trying to query my database with MySQLdb, but when I send a query with parameters.